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Halloween Treats Are Just Around The Corner

“Mom, what should I be for Halloween this year?” my son asked me. He was 13 at the time. “You’re going trick-or-treating again this year?” I responded. “Well, yeah,” my candy-loving son said matter-of-factly. “I plan to keep going trick-or-treating as long as possible,” he added. “You also have a 5-year-old sister. You can take…
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Photo by NDSU.

Weighing Your Food Safety Risks

I recall the day several years ago. Traffic was moving very slowly as I drove my kids home from an activity one early evening. I could see multicolored lights flashing about a mile ahead of us. The flashing lights prompted my kids to glance up from their hypnotic, hand-held video games to check out the…
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An array of freshly roasted vegetables

6 Ways To Make Convenience Foods More Healthful

I recall a conversation around the dinner table about 10 years ago. I had made a quick lunch using a frozen convenience food. “Mom, can you try a different fad next week?” my then-11-year-old son asked as he stabbed a stir-fried piece of broccoli with his fork. “We have this every Sunday for lunch!” my…
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college students courtesy pixabay

Food Safety 101 For College Students And Others

When I was in college, food choices among those not on the “meal plan” were quite interesting. Students squeezed their meager budgets to the limit. I used to tease my roommate about her “monomeals.” She’d have one food, such as a can of beans or corn, for dinner. After my comments, I didn’t get to…
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Can You Name 10 Germ Traps That Could Make You Sick?

It’s inevitable. I’m going to catch a cold. I won’t be alone. Most of us will catch a cold some time during the upcoming months. Lately, I’ve been surrounded by sniffling, coughing and sneezing people. I’ve tried to keep my distance, but sometimes you can’t easily escape germs. Germs are all around us. Besides residing…
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