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Have You Grilled Any Fruits Or Vegetables Lately?

“Mom, this fruit tastes extra sweet!” my daughter remarked as she tasted a slice of grilled pineapple along with a bite of grilled ham. I tasted mine and nodded in agreement. “Why does the pineapple taste so sweet?” she asked. “Fruit naturally contains sugar and when you combine sugar with the heat of the grill,…
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Get Your Pulses Racing With This Creative Recipe

“Julie, you’ve been chopped!” If you watch a popular TV show on the Food Network, you might be familiar with this sentence. After professional chefs examine the recipes created by the handful of contestants, one amateur chef is asked to leave. Fortunately, I didn’t hear those four words during a workshop I attended at the…
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A Dozen Tips For Safe Grilling

A few years ago, my family and I saw firsthand the results of unsafe grilling. I’m not talking about a foodborne illness outbreak. Fire is another potential hazard when cooking moves outdoors. As we drove to work, we saw a still-smoldering house that had caught fire when an unattended grill was parked too close to…
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Have You Tried Any Fermented Foods?

Little Miss Muffet knew what she was doing when she enjoyed her curds and whey. I hope she grabbed her bowl when the spider scared her away. Nursery rhymes aside, “curds and whey” probably could be translated as our present-day yogurt or cottage cheese. Yogurt, in particular, is a healthy snack and a versatile recipe…
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Make Your Own Honey Barbecue Sauce

Some of us claim to be pretty busy. But we’re all slackers compared with honey bees. Imagine yourself as a bee. To make a pound of honey, you’d need to gather all your winged friends, fly more than 50,000 miles and collect nectar from a couple million flowers. And I don’t think you’d collect any…
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