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Is It Time To Dust Off Your Bread Machine?

When my brother brought friends home from college, they often passed up dessert in favor of more of my mom’s homemade bread. I couldn’t quite understand the fascination with our bread. After all, bread from the store was a treat to us. I later developed an appreciation for homemade bread – when I discovered that…
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Give Split Peas A Chance During The International Year Of Pulses

One day I was enjoying my lunch when my friends at work started examining what I was eating. “What is that anyway – baby food?” Someone else chimed in, “How can you eat that green mush?” I happened to be eating home-made split pea soup. And it didn’t exactly look like baby food. It more…
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Streamline Food Preparation But Keep It Healthy

As with many of my peers, I grew up with meals almost completely “made from scratch.” Most of our fruits and vegetables were home-grown and then frozen or canned. I thought bread from the store was a huge treat because all we poor, deprived Garden children ever seemed to have was homemade bread. Eating in…
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A Fresh Orange Brightens A Winter Day

I’ll always remember a basic food preparation course I took. We were studying citrus fruits, and our assignment was to section an orange. \I worked carefully to remove the fibrous membrane from around the orange sections while keeping the sections intact. The longer I worked, the less the orange resembled a fruit. In fact, by…
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Sweet Potatoes Aren’t Only Holiday Fare

Sweet potatoes tend to make guest appearances on the menu mainly during holidays, but they’re so nutritious, they should show up far more often. I thought about a conversation about sweet potatoes I had “live on air” a few years ago. “How much sugar do you add to potatoes to make them sweet potatoes?” the…
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