Make Your Own Honey Barbecue Sauce

Some of us claim to be pretty busy. But we’re all slackers compared with honey bees. Imagine yourself as a bee. To make a pound of honey, you’d need to gather all your winged friends, fly more than 50,000 miles and collect nectar from a couple million flowers. And I don’t think you’d collect any…
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More Reasons To Enjoy Some Strawberries

I’ll never forget my family’s strawberry-picking expedition, which resulted in 90 pounds of berries to clean, freeze or make into jam. I was a sixth-grader, and that load of berries probably weighed more than I did at the time. After all that picking and cleaning, I dreamed about red berries. It might have been a…
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7 Ways To Fiber Up Your Diet

Nutrition science has come a long way, but many of the common-sense facts known by our grandmothers take awhile for science to prove. For example, eating an apple is healthier than drinking apple juice. Or this: Whole-grain cereals and breads are more healthful than highly refined sweetened cereals. Grandma, with her steaming pot of oatmeal…
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Add Some Yogurt To Your Menu

My family always has enjoyed some fairly unusual foods. As a kid, I’d eat just about anything, with a few exceptions. Liver sausage and lutefisk only briefly touched my plate before being stealthily transferred to a distracted parent’s plate. And I usually left the kitchen when the tightly covered jar of the highly aromatic Limburger…
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Slow Your Eating To Enjoy Your Food

Most people multitask in our busy society. Our cars have become mobile offices. Take a look around at other drivers, for example. Some people read newspapers, style their hair or apply makeup while driving. Many talk on the phone while driving. I have noticed some people texting. I’m not promoting doing any activities while driving,…
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