Can You Name 10 Germ Traps That Could Make You Sick?

It’s inevitable. I’m going to catch a cold. I won’t be alone. Most of us will catch a cold some time during the upcoming months. Lately, I’ve been surrounded by sniffling, coughing and sneezing people. I’ve tried to keep my distance, but sometimes you can’t easily escape germs. Germs are all around us. Besides residing…
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How To Make Meetings A Healthier Experience

I am off to a couple conferences again. I thought of conferences I have attended in the past, and I have come to a fairly radical conclusion. I think some meetings can be bad for our health. You may or may not agree with that statement, but I have some research backing my claim. With…
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How About An Apple?

Autumn and apple picking go hand in hand. This year, our apple tree is so loaded with plump, red fruit that I am expecting a limb to break, spilling fruit on our lawn. Pruning our tree and plucking some of the tiny fruits before they grow is on the schedule next year. To lighten the load…
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Keep Your Eye On Portion Size

As I was anticipating my annual trip to Potato Days in Barnesville, Minn., I thought about the mashed potatoes, lefse, potato dumplings and sausage available. I also thought about an experience I had with giant potatoes at a food show. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I glanced at the potato section in a produce…
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Turn Over A New Leaf In Your Eating Habits With Cabbage

As a nutrition specialist, I’ve read a lot about theories of introducing new foods to kids. As a mom of three, I’ve tested those theories at home through the years. And my children have tested me a few times, too. I recall a time when cabbage and ham were on our dinner menu. Sniffing loudly,…
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