Men, Your Survey Responses Are Needed

What do you think are the three most common causes of mortality for men?

If you are thinking heart disease, cancer and accidents, you are correct.

But, can you do anything to decrease your risk for these? Yes, you can! We’d like to help you with some educational resources, but first we need your opinion.

The NDSU Extension Service Nutrition and Health program is conducting an online survey to learn which nutrition/fitness/health topics are of greatest interest to men ages 18 and older –  and how men prefer to receive health-related information.

Please take a few minutes to let us know your thoughts so we can develop educational materials and programs specifically to address men’s health concerns. We will have some prize drawings (including gift cards) as a small way to thank you for your time.

Please click on the link below or copy/paste the link into your browser. Please forward this link to other men you know from any state or country!

What about the recipes I always share in this blog? I will do better than just one recipe. I’d like to welcome you to check out an entire database of recipes (with hundreds of recipes). After you take the survey (wink wink), please check out the wide variety of recipes here: