6 Tips For A Festive, Healthy Holiday

Spending time with family and friends and enjoying special food is part of most holiday celebrations. However, you may leave the gathering thinking you ate too much. If you are planning any holiday gatherings, try these tips to keep your holidays festive and also focused on good health. Keep the celebration simple. *How about a…
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Do You Know How To Make Lefse?

We of Norwegian descent get teased about our accents, our expressions and our white and brown food. At this time of year, many family recipes come out of the recipe box and arrive on holiday tables. Yah, sure, meat, potatoes and gravy were menu mainstays in many Scandinavian homes. And, you bet, the vegetables usually…
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Try This Tantalizing Turkey Day Trivia

You might remember drawing pictures of turkeys at this time of year as a child. Maybe you traced your hand to make the feathers, or perhaps you cut pieces of construction paper to form a colorful piece of art for your parents to display proudly on the refrigerator. Perhaps you have children who have brought you…
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roasted turkey

Be Thankful For A Safe Thanksgiving Dinner

If Ben Franklin would have had his way, we would have a different official U.S. bird. The bald eagle would need to step aside and let the turkey assume its place of honor. Perhaps our Thanksgiving menu would be different today if Ben’s choice made the cut. Serving the national bird as the menu centerpiece…
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Questions And Answers About Food Storage

After setting out two bags of trash for pickup, I went back into our house as usual. When I ventured outside later in the day, I discovered the pile had grown by three bags. This was a little odd. Maybe someone thought our first pile of trash was a bit meager, so this was a…
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